I  teach creative non-fiction and memoir writing online or in the Bay Area. I work with adults, young adults, groups and private clients (and have been known to school puppies, hens, disabled roosters and headstrong boys). I’m available to edit your book, help you start or finish that story you’ve always wanted to write, or can’t get started or finished!

I’m dedicated to helping you find your own voice and delve as deep as possible into whatever it is that scares you. If you’re willing to work hard I’ll teach you to edit your own work and make your story/essay/blog funnier, deeper, tighter, full of fire & brimstone.

I’m a careful, and detailed editor. I’ll give you big picture feedback as well as careful line edits. I praise first, and offer constructive criticism second, because I believe you need to know what’s working before you can tackle what’s not.

I’m available for readings, storyslams, and book groups. I’ve edited humor manuscripts for comics and helped lawyers make their speeches funnier for fundraisers—I’m open to any challenge as long as you’re willing to contribute your part.

I have taught writing at Berkeley Extension, The Writing Salon, and privately since earning my Master’s in Creative Writing From University of San Francisco, and my BA from Princeton University. Put me on a stage and I’ll wake up a crowd; on a good day, I’ll make them laugh. I studied acting a long time ago in NYC with Producer Mike Nichols at New Actors Workshop (and other wonderful teachers) and this training enables me to also help coach writers who are doing readings or live performances.

When life slaps you upside the head, nothing will help you climb out of it better than your pen, some paper, and a good sense of humor.

Student Reviews:

“It was packed with information, inspiration and encouragement. Pamela is a wonderful teacher. She nurtured everyone in the humor writing class!” Anonymous

“Pamela is a gem. I’d follow her anywhere.”–Diana Lyster

“I was so high after this class that I went home and wrote until 4 AM! Still exhausted but so worth it.”- Liz K

“Excellent teacher… Exceeded my expectations — the process was just amazing… I loved the critiques” — Beth P.

Learn More:

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Jack London wrote 1000 words a day on land and on the sea, 6 days a week.  He also had a wife, a mistress, a maid and some farm hands.

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