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Nora Efron wrote, “Become the heroine [or hero] of your story, not the victim.” Do you have a tragic story that is ironically funny– in retrospect? Learn how to take your dark material and approach it from a comic perspective—with your powerful narrator at the helm.

Learn literary techniques to craft a funnier more poignant story. Read & borrow from great humorists like David Sedaris, Trevor Noah & Anne Lamott. Supportive & constructive workshopping. Class culminates with a live reading! *(Very shy writers can opt out or get extra support!)

This class is appropriate for adult writers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned writers who wish to add more levity to books-in-progress or essays. Open to memoirists, creative non-fiction writers, fiction writers and Martians.

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Transforming Life: HUMOR I

6 Fridays, October 12-November 9, 12-2pm

*Reading/Celebration Nov. 16th, 4-6pm

at The Hivery, 38 Miller Ave, Mill Valley CA

Transforming Life: HUMOR II

For students who have completed Humor Writing I. Build upon your humor writing skills, lighten your memoir’s dark-side, sass up your essay/blog & commit to regular deadlines.

Join me in building Mill Valley’s First Humor Writing Salon! Showcase your witty and serio-comic writing in our fall/winter/spring Comic Storytelling Salons!

6 MONTHS/1x per month on TUESDAYS 12-2:30 pm

at The Hivery, Mill Valley, CA

September 4th, October 9th, November 6th, December 4th.

Story Salons will take place from 12-2pm at The Hivery Once Every 2-3 Months

Register for FALL ONLY Continuing Humor Workshop

Register for Drop In Rolling Admissions Humor II Workshop (pro-rated)

How much do classes cost?

Do you offer any scholarships? Yes! I offer one scholarship per semester. Contact me to learn more.

Prefer Private Coaching/Editing? Pricing depends upon length of project, Number of meetings, etc. Contact me to set up a free consultation.

cropped-img_6739.jpgWho am I?

I love helping writers find their true voice, figure out how to deepen or add levity to a memoir, essay or book-in-progress. I will encourage, support and challenge you in equal measure. I’m a kind, fair and a detailed editor who can help you add depth as well as humor to your writing. I’m also an ex-social worker, which means I’m good at setting classroom boundaries so that each student has their voice heard, it never turns into therapy, and the line between story and personal crap does not get crossed! I share a passion for live storytelling and am happy to help you bring your stories to the stage. I’ve had the blessing to study both writing and theater with some incredible minds—in my classes I share the collected wisdom that has been passed down to me.

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What They’re Saying On The Street:

“Pamela is an incredibly talented writer and editor.  She can look at my work and change what is average into spectacular.  Her background…gives her the gift to see deeper into my writing, encouraging and pushing me to find meaning in an average funny story.  She gives each of my chapters the depth they were missing by asking questions that force me to look into my psyche.  She cares deeply about the success of her clients.”-Lisa G.

“It was packed with information, inspiration and encouragement. Pamela is a wonderful teacher. She nurtured everyone in the humor writing class!” Anonymous student

“Pamela is a gem. I’d follow her anywhere.”–Diana L.

“I was so high after this class that I went home and wrote until 4 AM! Still exhausted but so worth it.”- Liz K

“Excellent teacher… Exceeded my expectations — the process was just amazing… I loved the critiques — Beth P.

Refund Policy: I get that life happens. If you drop out or decide to cancel (for any reason, even if the firetruck throws you into the river while you’re riding your Elephant across town) the deposit is not refundable. If you drop out on or prior to the deadline for full payment, you may get back your class fee minus your deposit (if you’ve paid full fee by this point). Any drop outs that occur on or after the deadline for payment (April 19) will not be refunded. We are entering into a contract in which I will support and honor your creative life! I’ll assume you’ve read this if you register. Sound dictatorial? I’m actually really nice 🙂 

Wanna Learn More? Contact me!


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