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 Re-write Your Story in 2019!

Do you have a story that tossed you into the mud–threw you for a loop–a disaster you survived against all odds? A crazy story no one would believe?

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INTO COMEDY Monthly Workshop

Take the disasters in your life & turn them into comic essays or stories—or make your memoir in progress funnier!

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5 Tuesdays  12:00-2:00pm,  March-June

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At The Hivery, Mill Valley, CA

Questions? Comic-curious? Contact me!
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Already taken Pamela’s Intro Humor Writing Class?

Move Up To The Next Level! Keep Your Momentum Going and Deepen Your Understanding of Humor Writing & Literary Craft                  


In between classes you will receive humor writing tips from Pamela, writing nudges from your peers, and you will have writing exercises and deadlines to keep you on track.

Class will include readings, lecture, handouts, literary analysis, writing craft structure and particular attention to humor writing techniques in memoir. Fiction writers welcome.

Ready to Register to hold your spot? Classes fill up quickly!

Got questions? Schedule a phone meeting with me

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What they’re saying on the street:

“It was packed with information, inspiration and encouragement. Pamela is a wonderful teacher. She nurtured everyone in the humor writing class!” Humor Student

“Pamela is a gem. I’d follow her anywhere.”–Diana Lyster

“I was so high after this class that I went home and wrote until 4 AM! Still exhausted but so worth it.”- Liz K

“Excellent teacher… Exceeded my expectations — the process was just amazing… I loved the critiques — Beth P.

“Pamela is an incredibly talented writer and editor.  She can look at my work and change what is average into spectacular.  Her background of an education in social work/psychology accompanied by a masters in creative writing, gives her the gift to see deeper into my writing, encouraging and pushing me to find meaning in an average funny story.  She gives each of my chapters the depth they were missing by asking questions that force me to look into my psyche.  She cares deeply about the success of her clients.”-Lisa Gates




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