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Iranian-American Boy Gives Life Savings For Peace: Should He Be Sent Back Too Mr. Trump?

First Published by @SocialEarth  As the media shines the spotlight on Trump’s circus-carnival-barking they overlook the stories of another side of America—the side of America that celebrates our successful interweaving of immigrant cultures, the great American patchwork that has made our land a beacon to those fleeing oppression and poverty since our nation’s dawn. Equally overlooked […]

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Donald Trump: You’re Fired!

If Donald Trump were a student at my sons’ elementary school he’d have been suspended long ago for tantrums, bad sportsmanship, use of foul language, name-calling, bullying, and last but not least “alleged” sexual harassment and sexual abuse of multitudes of women including the alleged rape of a 13-year-old. If he were my kid I’d have […]

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Why Writers Need To Grow Alligator Skin

I’ve recently been pushed up against my manifold flaws: my disorganization, my fear that my writing isn’t good enough, that I’m not as published as I should be by my age (“Why don’t you have a book Mama?”), my constant tardiness, the fact that I’m 48 and halfway toward the death march and my funny, […]

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Do Twins Run In The Family?

First Published @HuffingtonPost Sometimes you just want to stand in line at the grocery store and not have to explain your vaginal history to a total stranger. I’d hazard to say that at least seven times a week for my thirty-five week pregnancy (that’s 245 times),  distant acquaintances, well-intentioned friends, and strangers on streets, in […]

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Those Radical Aussie’s Solution To Gun Violence

In reflecting on the San Bernadino Massacre, what the shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, appeared to have in common with other people driven to carry out such mass murders—in many cases white, male, American citizens—appears to be anger, alienation and easy access to semi-automatic assault weapons. Had those weapons and ammunition been harder to come by, perhaps they might have thought longer and harder about other ways to vent their rage.

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