Iranian-American Boy Gives Life Savings For Peace: Should He Be Sent Back Too Mr. Trump?

First Published by @SocialEarth  As the media shines the spotlight on Trump’s circus-carnival-barking they overlook the stories of another side of America—the side of America that celebrates our successful interweaving of immigrant cultures, the great American patchwork that has made our land a beacon to those fleeing oppression and poverty since our nation’s dawn. Equally overlooked […]

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twin humor by pamela alma weymouth

Driving While Parenting Twins

  It strikes me as odd that the federal government has yet to cite the dangers of driving-while-parenting—parenting twins in particular. Common sense, highway accident rates, and brain science have examined the lethalities of drinking and driving, texting while driving, and mobile phone use while driving—but somehow, the ever-more-dangerous hazards of driving while parenting somehow […]

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