Story-teller, Writer, Writing Coach, Editor

I could offer you a list of degrees, cite my impressive pedigree, or list my various post-grad attempts to avoid cubicle-entrapment. Or I could list how many career changes I’ve had (teacher, actor, social worker, ex-pat). Truth is, if you really want to know, just read what I write. 

the straight facts:

I am privileged to write for Truthdig and JustMeans/3bl Media. I’ve also written for Inhabitots, Inhabitat, HuffingtonPost and The Marin Independent Journal, among other places. I earned my MFA in creative writing from University of San Francisco.

the backstory:

I’ve had enough career changes and moved enough times to fill a jar of marbles. Finally, I settled on being a writer, which was what I wanted to do back in the third grade to begin with. Sometimes you’ve gotta leave home to find home, as they say.

I teach creative non-fiction writing and humor writing to would-be-adults in the Bay Area.

Contact me if you need an editing coach for your book, or you want to figure out how to make your writing funnier or deeper, or both. Or if anything I’ve written moved you or made you laugh, I always appreciate knowing.

When I’m not teaching or writing I am busy raising two brilliant and kind boys, a Taiwanese mutt, an upstart puppy and a flock of hens.

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